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View top-quality Golden Doodles puppies from reputable breeders in Moorpark, CA, and Los Angeles County. Healthy, happy, and ready for their forever homes.

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Your premier destination for Golden Doodles puppies in Moorpark, Los Angeles County, and beyond. Our mission is to connect you with healthy, playful, and loving Golden Doodles puppies that can bring a bundle of joy and companionship to your home. Each puppy is raised with care in Moorpark, CA, ensuring they grow up happy, healthy, and ready to be a part of your family.

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Browse our current litter of Golden Doodles puppies available for sale in Moorpark and Los Angeles County. Each profile includes detailed information on the puppy’s background, health records, and personality traits.

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Golden Doodles Puppies

Learn more about our passion for Golden Doodles and our commitment to providing healthy, happy puppies to families in Moorpark, CA, and across Los Angeles County.

Health Guaranteed

Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, having been checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and dewormed.

Family Raised

Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment, ensuring they are well-socialized and ready for their new homes.

Breed Information

Golden Doodles are known for their intelligence, friendly nature, and hypoallergenic coats, making them the perfect pet for families and individuals alike.

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Hear from our happy customers in Los Angeles County and beyond, who have found their perfect furry friend at

When we first began our search for a new puppy, we were overwhelmed by the options. However, from the moment we discovered, we knew we had found something special. The team's passion for their Golden Doodle puppies was evident in every interaction.

George D. Coffey Jakarta

Adopting a Black Doodle puppy from Golden Doodles Puppies has been an absolute dream come true. We had our hearts set on a Black Doodle because of their unique look and wonderful temperament.

Valorie A. Woods Bandung

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New Golden Doodles Puppies Website!

Welcome to the delightful world of Golden Doodles, where the joy of finding your perfect canine companion is just a few clicks away. With the launch of our new website,

Puppy Request Form

Begin by expressing your interest in a puppy by filling out the puppy info request form. This form typically asks for basic contact information, your preferences for breed, color, gender, and any specific traits you're looking for in a puppy. It's the first step in matching you with the perfect puppy that fits your lifestyle and preferences.


After submitting the form, expect a consultation call or meeting with the breeder or adoption center. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss your lifestyle, and address any concerns. Based on the information provided, the breeder or staff will help you select the best puppy that matches your living situation, personality, and activity level.

Prepare Home

Once you've selected your puppy, it's time to prepare your home for the new arrival. This involves purchasing essential supplies such as a bed, food and water bowls, puppy food, chew toys, a leash, and a collar. Also, consider puppy-proofing your home to remove any potential hazards, like loose wires or toxic plants, to create a safe environment for exploration and play.

Finalize Adoption

The next step is to finalize the adoption or purchase process. This may involve signing a contract, completing the payment, and receiving important documents such as the puppy's health records, vaccination certificates, and microchip information. Ensure you understand all the health guarantees and return policies before finalizing the adoption.